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Yummy Reviews

"You can always count on a good steak at the Restaurant."
The Sun, Toronto, February 14, 1999

"Seafood lovers will find the Restaurant a cut above"
The Post, September 19, 1998

"A Cut Above Most, 'Food gets top marks.'"
The Sunday Times June 7, 1998

"Best food ever. Mama Laina's got it down cold!"
The Post, Colorado Peaks, June 7, 1998

"Beefing Up- In a meat-and-potatoes mood? Try the Restaurant!"
The Times, March 19, 1998

"Extra thick, handsomely seared, luscious flavor. Too tender. It takes the prize... The steaks are the champ, singing with flavor and rare as can be. Great wine list. The best in town...

"Over the past several years, The Restaurant has proven that you can serve up steak without sacrificing quality. But the seafood and salads also hold up on their own, too."
Magazine, January 1994

"Power, elegance, great food and wine are the key words here."
INSIDER, June 10, 1996

"This is a posh yet relaxed place with wonderful food. The oysters on the half shell are a real treat... But whatever makes you drool these days, you'd have to admit the food at the Restaurant is a perfect 10."
The Sentinel, April 1996

"Beef is Back... The restaurant's steaks were recently named the best in town. It is also the author's choice as the area's finest salads."
The Tribune, April 21, 1996

"If you're a connoisseur of top-of-the-line food, you probably know The Restaurant well. The clientele is business-minded. It's a place where Armani suits and suede heels mingle after work, where CEOs convene to seal the deal and afterwards let loose with big martinis and even bigger meals."
Party Planner

"The Restaurant is a tribute to an era of classic style: miles of mahogany, dim lights glowing from behind frosted-glass fixtures, and a bar that serves 25-year-old scotch, cognacs and fine cigars. Sinatra sets a smooth backdrop against conversations of business deals and mergers, while the sound of steel meeting stone subtly drifts from the open kitchen as the Executive Chef sharpens his knives for the evening."
Restaurant Critic

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